Siberian Tiger

Species Name: Siberian Tiger
Scientific Name: Panthera Tigris Altaica
Description of habitat: Mostly in South East Russia, but some are in Northeast China and North Korea
Interesting facts about the species: It can weigh up to 650 pounds.
Population estimates or survival trends of species: There are 3,200 Siberian Tigers left in the world.
Reasons that this species is endangered: Endangered due to poaching and inbreeding
Reasons that it is important to save the species: It would be important to save the Siberian Tiger because it is the rarest tiger of them all.
Possible solutions to help this species survive: We have to try to help protect the Siberian Tiger so it doesn't completely die off. We need to become informed and spread the word.
Additional facts: It can grow almost 11 feet in length. It has thick fur which lets the Siberian tigers to survive harsh winters with temperatures as low as -45°C.


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