Species Name: Iberian lynx
Scientific Name: Lynx Pardinus
Description of habitat: high altitude forests with dense cover of shrubs, reeds, and tall grass.
Interesting facts about the species: They're beautiful cats that have been steadily decreasing in numbers over the last 200 years.
Population estimates or survival trends of species: 100 left in the world today and there are only two confirmed breeding populations, which are both small and isolated
Reasons that this species is endangered: Roads and dams are destroying their home.
Reasons that it is important to save the species: If the Iberian lynx died out, it would be the first feline species to become extinct since prehistoric times.
Possible solutions to help this species survive: As an attempt to save this species from extinction, an EU LIFE Nature project is underway that includes habitat preservation, lynx population monitoring, and rabbit population management.
Additional facts: The head and body length is 85 to 110 cm., and the tail length is 12 to 30 cm.


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