Giant Panda

Giant Panda Information

Species Name: Giant Panda

Scientific Name: Ailuropoda melanoleuca

Description of habitat: Temperate, Broadleaf Forests in China.

Interesting facts about the species: They eat the seeds and drop them in the dirt of the forests.

Population estimates or survival trends of species: There are over 1600 Pandas in the wild left , they survive by eating bamboo and replanting seeds.

Reasons that this species is endangered: Severe threats by humans because humans hunted the pandas for their fur.

Reasons that it is important to save the species: It is important to save the species because they spread the plant seeds around the forest.

Possible solutions to help this species survive: Spread the Word , Adopt a panda , Join the conversation.

Potential damage to the environment if this species were to become extinct: Pandas bring huge environment benefits to local places.

additional facts: the average giant panda has to eat as much as 20 to 45 lbs. of bamboo a day. Pandas do not hibernate.




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