Endangered Species


Your task is to research an endangered animal and to create a blog about your animal. Before you begin watch the following videos.

Step ONE

Choose an animal to learn more about:
1. Siberian Tiger
2. Lynx
3. Eagle
4. Amur Leopard
5. Cotton Top Tamarin
6.Giant Panda

Step TWO

Find a friend! You can work with a classmate to research one of the animals above. Split up the questions and create a wiki page together.


Research your animal online. Find the answer to the following questions.
Species Name:
Scientific Name:
Description of habitat:
Interesting facts about the species:
Population estimates or survival trends of species:
Reasons that this species is endangered:
Reasons that it is important to save the species:
Possible solutions to help this species survive:
Potential damage to the environment if this species were to become extinct:
Sources where you found your information should be listed on your page.

Collaborate with your peers! Add at least 3 additional facts to each animal wiki page. Don't forget to cite your source.

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